Monday, October 26, 2009

Tom Yam Goong Soup

This soup is origin from Thailand. I try this recipe from an Indonesian food expert's blog Budi Sutomo and fell in love with the taste. I like the way it sour and hot, feel fresh to taste it especially in cold weather..... Thanks mas Budi...

The stock:
1800 ml prawn / chicken stock
3 pcs lemon grass, bruised
3 cm ginger, bruised
3 sheets kaffir lime leaf
4 tbs fish sauce
1 cm galingale, bruised
2 tsp chili oil
1/2 tsp salt / as you like
3 pcs red chili, grind
1 pcs garlic, grind

300 gr prawn, remove the head and cleaned
100 gr straw mushroom
8 pcs green chili
1 stalk lemongrass, remove the outer leafs, take the white stalk only, cut into 1 cm length
5 sheet cilanto, minced
2 sheet kaffir lime leaf, minced
5 tbs lemon juice

How to cook :
1.Heat the stock with all the spices until boiling. Strain and discard the spices.
2.Reheat stock, put in the prawn, straw mushroom, chili, and minced lemongrass. Boil it. Add the lemon juice and stir a while to combine. Serve immediately in bowl and spread with cilantro as garnish.
Recipe for 5 person.

Recipe by : Budi Sutomo


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